Hickory Smoked Duck with Szechuan Spicy Sauce

Cook Time: 3 hours at 250° F
Hickory Smoke

5 pound Culver Duck
Fiesta Spices Wild Game Rub
House of Tsang Szechuan Spicy Sauce

Cut a cross hatch pattern into the top skin of the duck to let the fat render out during the cook.
Season liberally with Fiesta Spices Wild Game Rub.
Let sit on the counter while preparing the smoker and getting it to a steady 250° F.

Place in the smoker and put the temperature probe into the breast of the duck.

After 1 hour lighlty baste the duck every 30 minutes with House of Tsang Szechuan Spicy Sauce. 

Pull the duck from the smoker when the temperature reaches 165° F and let rest 10 minutes before carving.

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