Banana Pudding

  • 2 boxes banana creme instant pudding
  • 1 box vanilla instant pudding
  • 6 cups of milk
  • 1 package of biscoff cookies, hold 6 for decoration on the side
  • 1 box of nilla wafer cookies, hold 6 for decoration on the side
  • 3 organic bananas


Pour the instant pudding mix packets into a bowl and add 6 cups of milk, stir for about 2 minutes. Set aside for 5 minutes.

Crush the biscoff cookies into the bottom of the serving bowl

Once the pudding has set, begin making a layer of pudding over the biscoff cookies using about half the pudding. I like to do this by spooning dollops of pudding around the bowl and using an offset or rubber spatula to spread the pudding into an even layer.

Slice the bananas and layer over the pudding. Cover the banana layer with nilla wafer cookies. 

Cover with more pudding, using what is left in the bowl and spread to a smooth top. 

Set the pudding in the fridge for about an hour. 

Once set, decorate the pudding with the 6 biscoff cookies and 6 nilla wafer cookies that were set aside. 

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