Da Kine Hawaiian Spicy Pineapple Pulled Pork

Cook Time: 15 hours


11 pounds Pork Shoulder Picnic Bone-In
Da Kine Hawaiian Spicy Rub
Da Kine Pineapple Syrup

Apply DaKine Hawaiian Spicy Rub generously.

Apple Smoking Chunks & Chips

Get the temperature to a range of 250 - 275 degrees F.

One grill grate removed and a drip tray placed underneath.
Pork Shoulder fat side up for the first part of the cook.

First the syrup was added and then a little water to loosen it up and thin it out.
Next add the spicy rub to the level of spiciness that you want.
We went with a considerably spicy amount.
Run through a strainer and use as a baste and injection.
After the 2nd hour baste every hour until wrapped.

When the stall hits is when we wrap the pork shoulder very tightly with multiple pieces of foil. With the last injections in we flip the pork shoulder over with the fat now on the bottom.

Finish the cook at a temperature ranging from 250 - 300 degrees F until the pork shoulder reaches around 195 degrees F if you like a little texture in the bite and around 201 degrees F if you like a more melt in your mouth type of bite.

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