Chile Relleno de Queso Oaxaca

We continue celebrating Hispanic Heritage month with one of my favorite foods - Chile Rellenos!
These chiles are smoked with cherry wood, stuffed with Oaxaca cheese, and robed in an egg batter.
Accompanying the chiles we have white rice with corn and a soup of mixed of beans. This dish is vegetarian as well as delicious!


  • 5 poblano peppers
  • 10 - 12 oz Oaxaca cheese
  • 3 eggs - yolks and whites seperated
  • oil for frying


Wash the peppers in warm water and pat dry. To add a smokey flavor, set up your grill with wood chip smokers and smoke the peppers for 5 - 10 minutes covered. Open the grill and allow the peppers to char over the heat until the skin is black and blistered. Remove the peppers from the heat and immediately place inside a plastic bag and seal by folding the end of the bag underneath, allowing the peppers to sweat for about 10 minutes. While the peppers are sweating, cut the cheese into pieces and set aside. 

Remove the peppers from the bag, and the edge of a butter knife to scrape up the blistered skin. Peel off as much of the first layer of skin as possible. Once skinned, cut a slit into the side of the pepper to remove the skin and membrane. We did not rinse the peppers in order to preserve the smokey flavor. 


After the peppers are cleaned, stuff the peppers and use toothpicks to keep the edges of the cut pepper together. Set aside. Place oil in a pan and begin to heat. 

In a bowl, whip the egg whites to medium-stiff peaks. 

Add one yolk at a time and mix well to combine. 

Dredge the chiles in flour, and coat in the egg batter. 

Place the peppers in the pan and fry until the egg batter is cooked through, turning the peppers to ensure all sides are cooked. 

Remove the peppers from the pan and place over a wire rack with kitchen paper underneath to absorb excess oil. Serve warm.